1/32 F-16 Intake Correction
for the Academy kit
1/32 F-14 Intake Correction
For the Trumpeter kit
1/32 Su-27 Flanker Details
Nosecone, Intakes,
Early model tail stinger,
Sorbtsiya ECM Pods,
Pylons, Missiles,
Combo Packages
1/35 OH-58D Exterior Set
Resin and photo-etch details
1/32 MiG-23 Details
Intake Corrections, Missile Pylons,
Launch Rails, Missiles, Combo
1/32 MiG-29 Details
for Revell and
Trumpeter kits!
MiG-29A Correction set,
MiG-29UB Correction set,
Fulcrum C conversion,
Exhausts, Wheels, Pylons, Missiles
Combo Packages

Welcome to Zactomodels!

Thank you all for the support
during this past year...
Sharla has tested cancer free and is doing well.

I'm back in the shop
and should have some big announcements in the coming months.
The U.S. Post Office recently increased
shipping rates.
I base my S&H rate on actual postage
plus about $1.00 or less for the box.
I encourage you
to order multiple items to save on shipping!
Combined shipping is available!

E-mail me a complete list rather than using the "add to cart" buttons.
Include your Paypal address and specify whether it is an international or domestic order.
I will then send you a custom Paypal invoice with discounted/combined shipping for you to place your order.
A-7 correction and Su-27 canopy will hopefully be available again soon.

Combo packages available for the
Su-25, MiG-23, MiG-29 and Su-27/30!

1/144 F-15 Details
For the Revell F-15E Strike Eagle

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Updated 1-15-17

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1/32 F-14 Fuel Tank Pylons
For the Tamiya kit

1/32 Su-25 Outer Pylons
Combo deal available
Future release!
1/32 YF-23
Full kit!